Latest Stock List!

Hello dear friends, Attached to this is the latest stock list. Although things change slightly from week to week, these changes are only minimal and this latest version is a good one to go by. SOASFOODCOOPPricelist10.docx Exciting stock updates from the past week include:

  • Keep Cups! These have been a real hit, and are selling fast. They are £4.40, but don’t be put off by the price.Using this and not paper cups is not only good for the environment, but will also save you 20 pence every time (in the SOAS shop!) Plus you’ll look snazzy. 11069927_238009996369256_5508446560739172206_o (1)
  • Loose Leaf Teas! First mentioned as an idea in a meeting, we now have black and green loose leaf tea all the way from India. Only £1.80!11022541_238009629702626_7634576064959835940_o 11069931_238009946369261_6693645178923521125_o
  • Soap Nuts! These natural, chemical free nuts are reusable for up to six washes. They are compost-able, and won’t cause irritation on your skin or pollute our water supplies.1604488_238009973035925_4743400391542459648_n10989369_388314984674754_8692045694276565136_n

Stock list for December 10th

Stock list Dec 9 2014

We are open our regular hours tomorrow, so come stock up for the holidays!

Here is the stock list along with our usual at-cost prices. Take note that there are some new products that might make nice gifts for that sustainability-conscious, foodie friend or family member:

– Almond Butter
– Chilean Honey
– Lavender & Geranium Conditioner
– Raspberry and Cranberry Shampoo
– Washing powder

Please bring your beautiful faces to the JCR between 11am and 4pm. See you then!

We’re Back!

Price List 2014:12:03

Hi everybody, we finally got our act together. This is our first post in four years!!!!

Tomorrow the food co-op will be open tomorrow as usual, here is the stock list so you can check in advance the things you might to buy! (You can click to zoom.)