Food control or food democracy?

“Nutrition must engage with society and environment or risk a slide into policy irrelevancy. The evidence deserves better.”

If you’re running out of exam/essay procrastination, we’ve been forwarded a juicy piece on nutrition science by one of our volunteers. She recommends to skip the section on evidence and jump to the stuff on pages 733-4 on the social/environmental embeddedness of nutrition science.
Food Co-op is a great example of how ‘social nutrition’ works!

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 11.15.04

“It is a myth that nutrition science was ever neutral; nutrition’s advances have been mainly when engaged with society. Nutrition scientists must get tougher, more active and organised. Nutrition need not be constrained by narrowly conceived interest. The profession could learn from the best non-government organisations and, for all its differences, learn from the experience of tobacco. The evidence mounted for half a century, but it took campaigns to win policy change.”


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