We have an exciting announcement to make…


The co-op is expanding it’s opening hours!!

Our volunteers are passionate about responsible and sustainable consumption, and we want this affordable option to be as available as possible to SOAS students. Next week, we’ll be running a trial expansion of our hours to include Tuesday February 3rd from 11am-4pm.

We will also be expanding our stock slightly, carrying more of popular items like nuts and dried fruit, and exploring new possibilities like Maple Syrup, Coconut Oil, and Soap Nuts. Remember, we’re a democratic society so if you’d like to influence what we carry, then just make a suggestion!

In order to make all this possible, we *really* need a few more committed people to fill some shifts weighing a pricing food. There are five 1-hour shifts each day we’re open, and we need two people at the desk during each shift. So please please please look for the sign-up sheet on the co-op doors, and get involved with us. You’ll get to know our stock, learn about new foods, and most importantly meet some awesome socially-conscious people!


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