Upcoming Event: Seeds For Change Workshop, Sunday 14th November, 11am-5pm

Exciting things! Seeds for Change will be doing a workshop with the food co-op crew and the gardeners on Sunday 14th November (last day of Reading Week). This will be a full day workshop from 11 am to 5 pm and will involve learning all about:
-Consensus decision-making;
-Running non-hierarchical organisations;
-Facilitation of meetings.
We will be putting the skills that we learn straight into practice by using them to begin making the food co-op manifesto (depending on time and head count we might be able to split into two groups and also form the common ground ethos too).

The skills that we will learn are applicable in so many other areas of life.

The SOAS Yurt is located on the lawn beside the Brunei Gallery on Russell Square Campus.  It’s basically a round thing with pretty designs on it

Look forward to seeing you there!